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The biggest digital currency and Bitcoin conference in Asia is back! This time 2014 Internet Finance Innovation CEO Summit (IFICS)—Global Bitcoin Summit will be held in Hong Kong from November 28 to 29.

Organized by UBM, 2014 Global Bitcoin Summit in Beijing was a resounding success and attracted close to 600 attendees from more than 20 countries. Gathered in Hong Kong, our knowledgeable experts in Internet Finance and Digital Currency will diagnose the situation and provide you with the latest information about domestic and overseas regulations, trading platforms, digital currency trends, offshore trade and innovative financial solutions.

Internet finance is growing rapidly with many new businesses and innovations. Advances in technologies, especially those in ICT, big data and cloud computing, will help unlock the value of Internet Finance. Digital currency is probably the most revolutionary part of this change, crafting a totally new currency system that complemented with existing financial systems.

The rise of digital currency in China has stunned the world, as now roughly 60% of global digital currency and Bitcoin trading occurs in China. The era of Internet Finance and Digital Currency has just begun and it is of great significance to be part of this new adventure. This summit aims to provide an excellent platform for bringing together stakeholders to showcase their new technology, share their thoughts and discuss the future development in the field. We believe that such linkage will bring the win–win situation not only to industry and institution but to the whole world.

Confirmed Speaker

    • Bobby Lee

      Bobby Lee
      CEO and Co-Founder
      BTC China

    • 李林

      Li Lin
      Founder and CEO

    • 徐明星

      Star Xu
      Founder and Active CEO
      OKCoin (the virtual currency exchange)

    • Evan Mo
      BTC123.com / BTCBBS.com

    • Photo_Zhengfen ZHANG

      Zhengfen ZHANG
      Co-Founder & CEO

    • tangbin

      Bin Tang
      CEO & Co-founder

    • 叶大清

      Ye Daqing
      founder and CEO
      Rong 360 (www.Rong360.com)

    • 陈凤翔

      Wilson Chan

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